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Privacy Policy

General Terms

Outlined is a list of information on the types of data we collect when you visit our website, the purposes for which this information are being used, and how we use it to optimize our website to improve your experience.

AXPIRA offers digital marketing services such as but not limited to web design & development, SEO, digital strategy, Social media marketing collectively known as ‘Services.’

In order to provide the best services, AXPIRA received access to personal information of clients in relation with the Services.

This Privacy Policy applies to your interaction with Axpira through our website, market research, surveys, emails, or any other means that involves our Services.

Personal data of previous and prospective clients are treated and secured in accordance with the Privacy Policy. AXPIRA is not responsible for any third-party Privacy our website may be linked to. AXPIRA shall not make use of collected personal data to any third-party companies. The information, however, can be shared within the organization and/or internally to which our employees are obligated to respect with utmost confidentiality.

AXPIRA only collects information it deems integral to its business processes and Services described in this policy. Other data may be obtained but only with prior consent. These data may be used in part of an agreement, for service evaluation, project management purposes, copyrights, etc.

Under certain circumstances, AXPIRA is obliged by law to process data relating to but not limited to the creation of invoices, purchase orders, etc.

AXPIRA respects the privacy of all its users and ensures that all data collected and/or provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality. By using this website, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Use of Services

By signing up to one of our services means that we ask you to provide us with your personal data in order for AXPIRA to deliver in an efficient and effective manner. The data you provided will be stored securely to our own servers and will not be shared to any third-party servers.


Correspondence by mail or other means of messaging may be recorded and retained for the purpose of delivering the Services. This helps us ensure that your requests are attended correctly and within a fixed timeframe.


We collect information for market research purposes in order to gain a better understanding of our clients and their needs. The website uses ‘cookies’ and small files can be stored on your computer to help our website understand how visitors use our website and for the purpose of activity reports.

You have the sole right to enable or disable cookies.

Retention of Data

Your data will be stored in our database for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes we collected it for. Thus, implying that retention periods can vary depending on the nature of purpose (ex. For legal & auditing purposes)

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is tailored for the use of this website and its features. Any adjustments on this website may lead to changes to this Privacy Policy without prior notice.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us in case of questions regarding our services or our privacy policy.

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