Tronix EU is an international E-commerce platform focused on bringing quality electronics to consumers. They were looking for a partner that could help create a visually appealing and converting webshop and help them with the branding of their company. Luckily they found AXPIRA, who can help them with both the technical aspect of building a strong, functional webshop as well as design logo’s, color scheme’s and more. Tronix finds it important that the user experience for their customers on the webshop is as optimal as possible to ensure maximum sales. This is why every feature that could improve usability and user experience for their clients was implemented and the e-commerce platform was optimized for Search Engine Marketing.

“We want a webshop that looks and feels as good as the products we offer our clients”
– Tronix EU

Tronix Webshop Tronix Marketing Business Cards E-Commerce Branding

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Mobile vs Desktop Users

AXPIRA made and presented several mock-ups of webshops, logo’s and business cards and finetuned these based on the wishes of the clients. They helped create a slogan and set up and e-mail campaign, posters and newsletter templates in the selected color scheme. The branding was applied to all social sites. There was a Digital Marketing Workshop leading to a strong audience and market analysis, on which the SEA campaigns are currently being based. These campaigns are being monitored, so the client can receive reports and together with AXPIRA finetune the next campaigns.

“One of the reasons we always choose AXPIRA is because they have both technical experts and digital marketers to help us with all our IT needs”
– Tronix EU

Tronix Marketing Business Cards E-Commerce Branding

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