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A landing page is a webpage designed for a specific purpose distinct from your homepage. Your homepage contains general information while your landing page contains specific information optimized to achieve your goal. This can be lead conversion, form submission, event registration, or direct product purchase. It is a page curated specifically to attract and convert potential leads with simple information and call-to-action.

Earlier, we said landing pages (yes, you can have as many as you want!) are designed to achieve a particular objective. For example, you can redirect your visitors to your e-commerce site, contact page, or even a subscription page. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to create your first landing page? Creating a compelling landing webpage is easy. Here are our tips on what makes a landing page attractive:

  1. Designing a landing page is straightforward. You pick a goal and stick with it. Make sure not to clutter the page with a lot of information. Again, be straightforward. Make your call-to-action direct and do not include information that might distract your potential customers.
  2. Create a compelling headline followed by a supporting headline. Catchy phrases are great but don’t forget to create a sense of urgency or an argument.
  3. Summarize your benefits. Make a list of your product benefits. Make it short and sweet.

These are just some of out tips in creating landing pages that convert. To find out more, contact us today. We’ll gladly help you.

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